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Makeup Artist
Danielle Neisweinder  


Education, Makeup, Skincare

d.n.a Beauty School Episode 3

Skincare for Makeup Artists In this episode, we chat through all the skincare you could possibly need in your kit as a makeup artist. We will talk through options for each skin type and also little pieces you may need in general. ***Follow the link to purchase your subscription. All login instructions will be in […]

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Bridal, Education, Skincare

d.n.a Beauty School Episode 2

brunette smiling bride sits in an antique vw bug

Skincare for Everyday In this episode you’ll learn all about skincare for everyday life. What you need, who needs it, when to start it etc. Everyday life skincare can often be very different than makeup artist skincare for event makeup prep. Stay tuned for next week where we’ll talk all about makeup artist skincare and […]

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Education, Makeup

d.n.a Beauty School Podcast Trailer

d.n.a beauty school podcast DNA Beauty School is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Danielle Neiswender, a beauty professional with over a decade of experience. Topics covered in the podcast will include makeup, skincare, product knowledge, and the business of beauty, with a focus on education and understanding the why behind certain choices.  Hello, I’m Danielle […]

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