I'm a long time makeup artist and artistry educator from the heart of the Midwest. 

I'm Danielle


My love language is quality time and I just don't believe the idea that to be successful everyone needs to scale up to serve multitudes. There is something to be said for a quality connection vs. quantity of work. As your artist you can count on me to connect with you and your loved ones on a heart level, see the beauty that is already there and bring it out so you can feel it on your most beautiful day. 



After 12 years in beauty, I have seen it all. Every face is different. Every client is different. So, why would I make every makeup application look the same? Understated perfection? Yes. Effortless elegance? Yes. Looking like every other made up face on instagram? Nope. Look like your most perfected you and let me take care of all the beauty details. 

experience in details


I take responsibility for the energy I bring to every space I enter and take pride in leaving people better than I found them. Sure, looking beautiful is great. But feeling beautiful is even better and I'll help you feel that in the moments we work together. It is one of the best days of your life, you should be able to look back at your most unforgettable day and remember excitement, joy and the utter calm of knowing you chose well.

Leave them better


Women are exposed to hundreds of endocrine disrupting chemicals every day before they've even left the house. My kit shouldn't contribute to that. I invest in high quality, clean ingredient products, often vegan because looking and feeling beautiful shouldn't hurt you, your hormones or the planet.

Beauty shouldn't hurt




clean ingredients- women are exposed to hundreds of endocrine disrupting chemicals every day. My kit doesn't need to add to that!

favorite place

Home. I love serving clients, but home is truly where my heart is. Its where my sweet loves, my garden and my art studio are. 

Fun Fact

I've been doing this work for longer than many artists in the state have had a driver's license. I've experienced it all!


I am very good at things that require me to work with my hands: growing things, fiber work, drafting/fine art


I worked for a global beauty brand for about a decade on their field education team. Industry giants, pro teams & brand founders gave me my 'masters' level education in Beauty.


Sharon Says So on instagram (seriously...you should follow her) and ArtHoles podcast (anything art history related really)

More than just 

What You Can Expect 

  • Stress free communication & an organized bridal pro- so you can stay in the moment and enjoy the process, from engagement until the Big Day

  • An experience customized completely to you and your skin- so that your natural beauty can take center stage and makeup can be the last thing on your mind

  • A connection that prioritizes your desire to feel effortlessly beautiful and relaxed as you enter your wedding day

Beautiful Makeup

 When Working with d.n.a