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d.n.a beauty school podcast

DNA Beauty School is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Danielle Neiswender, a beauty professional with over a decade of experience. Topics covered in the podcast will include makeup, skincare, product knowledge, and the business of beauty, with a focus on education and understanding the why behind certain choices.

 Hello, I’m Danielle Neiswender and this is DNA Beauty School, the podcast dedicated to telling you what I should be showing you. If learning the ins and outs of makeup and beauty is what you’re after, then you’re in the right place. And I am so glad that you’re here.

 So maybe you’re wondering if this pot is right for you. I can tell you right now that it probably is, but in case you’re not sold, let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect from me here.

First, this is a podcast all about beauty. So I’m going to be teaching makeup and skincare and some product knowledge. And I’ll probably also include a few interviews and maybe some things related to the business of being a beauty service provider. If you’re interested in even a single one of these topics, I think you’ll probably be entertained enough to stick around. Or maybe you’ll just listen to the ones that apply to you, and that is okay too.

For the diehards that are really into beauty, this pod is basically designed for you. You are probably a person that really likes to nerd out. You want to really understand the why behind the choices that we make as beauty pros. You want the science and the art theory and all the other stuff. That is the basis of why certain products or makeup looks work for some people, but not for others. You want to go into each client interaction knowing that you’ll be able to see what’s really there, accentuate the beauty that already exists, and execute a look or a final result that the client loves every single time. You’ll also be able to share the why with your client too, because knowing why something works is what solidifies it as the right choice. And the why should always be way more than this is trendy on Instagram right now, or some Kardashian or another wears this this way.

Here’s a little breakdown of the episodes you can expect. So first, this will be a bi weekly episode that drops every other Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time. Season one is mostly going to be about skin, skin care and skin product. I’m starting here because skin is the basis of every good makeup application, and to get a good makeup result, you need to know what’s up with skin.

Season two and maybe also three and four. Who really knows, honestly, will all be about makeup. I plan to take you through application and tips and theory and literally everything you could possibly need to know about good makeup application. Trust me, there is at least two seasons worth of stuff for that.

The final season will be a smattering of subjects with less subject matter in each of them. So, for example, I’m going to talk about things to think about for bridal makeup. I may talk briefly about commercial work and some things to think about for shoots. I will also give you some of my thoughts about being in business and being a smart business owner. That’s around for a long time and maybe even a good time.

And then lastly, I hope to interview some folks that I’ve met over my long history in this industry because my voice isn’t the most important one or the most knowledgeable one necessarily. Right now it’s just the loudest one, and it’s the one you’re listening to.

At this point, I’m planning on making this have a finite finishing point instead of being a pod that continues on in perpetuity. I just feel like the information is timeless and will help you regardless of when you’re listening to it or what type of style you work in now. And I don’t necessarily want to keep podcasting for like 15 years. I have at least 50 episodes in me, and then maybe I don’t have more. I’m really not sure. Probably you’ll be the deciding factor. If you want more, we’ll have to come up with ideas of what you want more of.

Depending on how this thing is received and who’s into it, I might make a subscription based private Instagram group. I’m thinking of making it like 20 bucks a month or so, but it will have all the visuals that go with what I’m telling you about here. And I’ll probably do regular lives and live consults Q and A weekly, all those kinds of things. I’ll just be peppering in way more things for you to look at visually, as well as way more ability for us to connect as individuals. Because honestly, in this world, I just feel like what we’re lacking is face to face interaction. So I want to build more of that in here.

And while I’m never planning on building a fully online virtual course with this info, what I’m hoping is that those of you that do want in-person coaching will still find me and work with me in person. That is really and truly what will take you the farthest as an artist. I’m in Michigan. Some of my favorite things are getting to coach other artists. So if that’s something you’re seeking, well, send me an email or find me on social, which you can click in the show notes, by the way. I’m here for you if you need me.

So that is it. That’s what you can expect from me here. I hope you’re going to stick around. I cannot wait to hear from you. And thank you so much for being here.

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